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Recent Survey Summaries

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School Psychologist (October 2020)

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Bus Driver Salary Study (February 2019)

Instructional Collective Bargaining Agreements (August 2018)

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JROTC (March 2018)

Projected start of FY 18-19 negotiations (February 2018)

General Collective Bargaining Questions (December 2017)

Employee Recruitment Incentives (November 2017)

Years of Experience for Salary Schedule Placement (October 2017)

Teacher Raises for FY 15-16, 16-17 & 17-18

Early Release Friday (June 2017)

Waiver of Employer Paid Health Coverage (March 2016)

Grandfathered & Performance Pay (August 31, 2016)

Consultants – Comparable Worth Study (June 2016)

Automatic Contract Renewal for Annual Contract Teachers (April 2016)

Guaranteed Teacher Transfer Survey Results (April 2016)

2015-2016 Instructional Compensation Inquiry (March 2016)

Evaluation & Salary Comparison Study – Orange County, March 2016

Collective Bargaining Session Record Keeping (February 2016)

Interest-Based versus Traditional Collective Bargaining (January 2016)

VAM Calculations (December 2015)

2014-2015 Instructional Salary Schedules (December 2015)

VAM Files Management (November 2015)

Retiree Insurance (November 2015)

Instructional Day (October 2015)

Term Life Insurance (May 2015)

Automatic Contract Renewal for Annual Contract Teachers (February 2015)

Salary Adjustments using Teacher Raise Money (January 2015)

Instructional Scheduling of Secondary Teachers (January 2015)

Advanced Degree Supplements for Instructional Personnel (December 2014)

Prep Time for Secondary Instructional Personnel (December 2014)

Dependent Health Plan Coverage (October 2014)

Dress Codes for Instructional Personnel (October 2014)

District End of Course Assessments (September 2014)

VAM Score (September 2014)

Professional Development Stipends for Instructional Personnel (August 2014)

School Social Workers (March 2014)

Performance Pay Differentiated (March 2014)
Performance Pay Differentiated (Attachment)

Sick Leave Donation (February 2014)

Salary Increases for Non-Instructional Employees (February 2014)

Instructional Personnel on Leave to Conduct Union Business (July 2013)