What is FEN?

Florida Educational Negotiators, Inc. is a non-profit professional organization for Florida Public school management negotiators, bargaining team members, and other management personnel who are involved in collective bargaining and labor relations.

Mission: To serve as a statewide coordinating organization for the continuing improvement of the quality and professionalism of educational management negotiations and labor relations in Florida.

History of FEN

FEN was organized in 1974 to provide its members with a vehicle through which to effectively communicate with each other and improve their collective bargaining and labor relations skills, knowledge and performance. FEN activities and services have greatly expanded since 1974, and the organization’s contributions now are an essential component of local school district operations.

FEN Organizational Structure

FEN’s governing body is the Board of Directors which is elected by the membership. The Board is comprised of four officers, six area directors and past presidents.

FEN is an affiliate of the Florida School Labor Relations Service (FSLRS) which acts as the fiscal agent for Florida Educational Negotiators FEN and supports the activities of the (FEN). Member school districts pay an annual subscription fee for these services.

Partial Listing of FEN Services

  • Regular statewide meetings with programs that provide up-to-date collective bargaining and labor relations information, legislative development and district and state reports.
  • Management training programs for negotiators, bargaining teams, superintendents, principals, and other management personnel.
  • Collective bargaining and labor relations information and coordination of services with the Florida School Boards Association, Florida Association of School Administrators, the Florida School Labor Relations Service, and other management professional organizations.
  • Resource persons for collective bargaining and labor relations workshops, and programs for management professional organizations.
  • Legislative monitoring of proposals dealing with collective bargaining, personnel, and retirement issues.