FEN Members, the information, identified resources and links below came from the National School Boards Association, to me via Leonard J. Dietzen.

Please take some time to peruse, read and retain for future use.

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Recent resources on re-opening schools

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May 12, 2020 1:39 PM
Sonja Trainor

As mentioned in the call today, below are some recently-published resources on operational concerns with re-opening schools:

CDC school resource page:…

American Academy of Pediatrics, “COVID-19 Planning Considerations: Return to In-Person Education in Schools”,….

EdWeek school closures page:…

National Association of School Nurses COVID-19 resource page:…

Center on Reinventing Public Education database of COVID-19 response plans with chart comparing various aspects including technology distribution and hotspots:

AFT recommendations on reopening schools:…

Missouri School Boards Association’s Center for Education Safety, “Pandemic Recovery Considerations: Re-Entry and Reopening of Schools,”….

Sonja H. Trainor
Managing Director, Legal Advocacy
National School Boards Association