The Palm Beach County School District is the 10th largest district in the country with a student enrollment of more than 179,000 students. The annual budget exceeds $3 billion and the District is the largest employer in Palm Beach County with over 22,000 employees.

Key Functions:
∙ Assists the Chief Officer – Human Resources with the day-to-day management of the District’s labor relations program.
∙ Plans, organizes and conducts negotiations with the four recognized exclusive bargaining agents, as assigned.
∙ Assists on matters related to labor law, negotiating techniques, and strategies, and policy instructions pertaining to collective bargaining.
∙ Analyzes and evaluates negotiation proposals; prepares counterproposals and collects, analyzes, explains, and presents data required during negotiations.
∙ Represents the District on collective bargaining subcommittees; confers with senior administrative staff and other resource personnel on matters relevant to collective bargaining and assists in the preparation and formulation of positions to be used in collective bargaining.
∙ Assists and consults in the formulation of policy to comply with negotiated agreements. ∙ Assists in developing policy recommendations for compliance with state and federal laws, and Board rules. ∙ Interprets labor contract provisions and advises staff regarding obligations and responsibilities imposed by negotiated agreements; and assists in the resolution of labor disputes.
∙ Assists in developing and implementing procedures to inform affected parties of the status of negotiations.
∙ Develops and presents training programs for administrators in the implementation of negotiated agreements.
∙ Prepares, assists and/or conducts grievance hearings/arbitrations, mediation, special master hearings, unfair labor practice hearings and other related cases.
The right candidate must satisfy eligibility requirements, including background check as mandated by Florida State laws; must possess BA in labor relations, business or public administration, or related area.

Salary: $100,826 – $173,850
Application Deadline: September 17, 2021
Start Date: TBD
Apply online:
Job Code: 74080
Job Id: 218536