The attached Certification Form was updated.
The only change was the addition of a legally required rule reference in the footer.

Click here for a copy of the updated Certification Form.

Note the following regarding the Certification Form:

  • Please begin using the form immediately. Click here for a copy of the updated Certification Form.
  • When a prospective employee signs a Certification Form, they are certifying that they have not retired from any State of Florida administered retirement plan.
  • Your organization may be jointly liable for repayment of funds paid out if you hire a retiree in violation of re-employment after retirement provisions.
  • Have each prospective employee sign and date a form before your hiring process is completed and an offer of employment is made.
  • Keep the signed form in the employee’s personnel file – do not send to the FRS, unless you are asked to do so.
  • Forms are available online at (the updated form will be posted shortly)
  • You may also use your own version of the form. However, we encourage you to use the language on our form because it has been reviewed and is considered official.
  • Check Retirement Online to see if the prospective employee has received an Investment Plan distribution or retired from the Pension Plan BEFORE YOU HIRE THEM (access Retirement Online at – if you have any questions on accessing this service contact the Division of Retirement’s Contributions Section by phone, toll free, at 877-377-1266 or, in the Tallahassee local calling area, at 850-907-6540).